Like many others, I have been fascinated and intrigued by the pyramids of Egypt for as long as I can remember and puzzled as to how they had been constructed for most of my life. I had been convinced for many years that the internal features of the Great Pyramid were somehow related to its construction and I had made many attempts to understand how this structure had been pieced together before I finally got my lucky break and made the greatest breakthrough I could ever have hoped for. What I discovered was the key to the language of the structure – the Rosetta Stone (stones in this case) of pyramid construction.
Even with the key as my guide it took me many years to decipher the clues within the Great Pyramid and at times I doubted whether or not I would ever complete the task. It was only when I had put almost all of the pieces of the jigsaw together that I began to consider how best to reveal the many discoveries I’d made in the Great Pyramid since my discovery of the key.

There is now an overwhelming body of evidence that points to the pyramid builders having had skills and technology far beyond those that archaeologists attribute to them. The evidence also indicates that the climate on the Giza Plateau must have been very different from the hyper-arid climate that prevailed in the western desert at this time. The physical evidence in the Great Pyramid clearly indicates that a substantial water reservoir on or near the plateau was an absolute requirement for the hydraulic transportation systems in operation in the three principal pyramids at Giza when they were under construction during the Old Kingdom Period. If you have anything new to contribute to our understanding of this very early period – or you come across any new data on the subject that has not been posted on the website, please get in touch.

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