The Great Pyramid at Giza is the last surviving wonder of the ancient world. It has presented us with one of the most puzzling mysteries of our time, for despite many attempts to discover how it had been created in the recent past, this great structure stubbornly refused to give up its secrets. Some years ago, I discovered the key to how all of these large, stone block constructions had been constructed and I then set out on a quest to decipher all of the clues within the Great Pyramid. When I had finally solved this great mystery I wrote the book The Great Pyramid – The Inside Story to set the record straight, for many have been fooled into believing the naive theories of Egyptologists who could not have been more wrong about these structures. My research has shown that we have been grossly misled as to the true capabilities of the ancient pyramid builders and the nature of these structures by those who professed to understand them.

Before I began to write the book I thought long and hard about how I would present my findings, in the end, I came to the conclusion that the best way to prove that I had truly discovered how the ancient pyramid builders had constructed the Great Pyramid was to reconstruct it, step by step, from the ground up. In doing so, I created a construction manual – an A to Z of pyramid construction that describes in great detail how each and every course of the Great Pyramid was constructed. As you will discover, the structure was not built up one course at a time, for it was impossible to do so and achieve the goals of the pyramid builders – to complete and cap the pyramid. Contrary to popular belief, external ramps were not used in the construction of the Great Pyramid, although the pyramid builders did find it necessary to create ramps within the structure in order to transport much of the masonry that comprises the mid section of the structure, to its final destination.

If you truly wish to discover how you have been deceived by those who professed to understand this structure – and discover the astonishing capabilities of the people who constructed the Great Pyramid – then I can assure you that The Great Pyramid – The Inside story will not disappoint. Contrary to the naive beliefs of Egyptologists, this structure was designed by a genius, and constructed by a technologically advanced and highly skilled workforce. What we had failed to realise, however, is that there was an absolute abundance of evidence to indicate how this structure had been constructed within the structure itself. It is this evidence that reveals the true capabilities of the ancient pyramid builders.
The terminology used by Egyptologists to describe the supposed function of the chambers within the Great Pyramid are grossly misleading and give no clue as to their true purpose, for all of this terminology has been conjured up by people who had no understanding of the structure whatsoever. The truth of the matter is that the Great Pyramid was not constructed to house the various chambers within it, the chambers within it were created in order to construct the pyramid, for each one of the chambers, passageways and corridors within the structure had a specific and vital role to play during its construction.

I am not an Egyptologist I am an engineer. I don’t ask you to take my word for any of the above I simply ask you to look at the evidence I have presented in The Great Pyramid – The Inside Story, and to do your own research in order to satisfy yourself as to the truth of the matter. Like me, you will no doubt find it difficult to accept some of the more astonishing feats achieved by the ancient pyramid builders when you first encounter them, but when you fully understand why the internal structure of the Great Pyramid had to be so complex there is only one conclusion that can be drawn; the evidence as to how this very complex structure was constructed is overwhelming and unequivocal.
The orthodox view of these structures is so far removed from the truth that no one was ever going to solve this mystery until they rid themselves of this flawed construct. When I finally did, I discovered that the physical evidence turns 90% of what we thought we understood about the pyramids on its head. When you finally discover the real truth of the matter you will wonder why we could ever have been so naive as to have been taken in by the delusions of Egyptologists and the media for so long, for the construction process is self-evident for those who have eyes to see.


Image: Shutterstock / gvictoria